Gift Giving Mobile Application - Concept Work
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Recipient Wireframe Concepts
Gifteroo makes it easy to ask people what they want as a gift and saves the information in a useful way. Gifteroo is the perfect companion for people who:

• Care about giving good gifts
• Like stored information
• Like being organized, or lose information
• Have no idea what to give as a gift
• Are bad gift givers
• Like to invest in family and friend relationships

For the giver:
Constraints Gifteroo solves, and its features include:

It's able to be used on mobile, tablet and desktop by being a responsive web app. By being web-based, it allows givers and recipients easy access to the system on multiple devices where they don't need to download and install an app.

It provides a Wizard that auto creates ready-made questions based off a few simple questions about the recipient. The Wizard helps those that don't know what to ask.
It has a voice-guided option for hands-free use.

It provides centralized cloud storage with easy access and organization to your recipient lists through the app.

It shows reminders of when gift giving events are coming up based on your recipient's information, which helps you not to forget when to give a gift.

It displays coupons and promotions from stores that the system detects within the recipient lists.

It lets you share recipient lists with others in a private and secure way.

For the recipient:
Gifteroo presents an easy, fun and interactive way to answer questions about what type of gifts you would like to receive. The questions are tailored to the recipient, or they can be generic question suited for anyone. The recipient also has the option to upload a photo of an item. Recipients will receive their invite to answer the questions by text message or e-mail.
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